English Language Training – Our Core Service

In today’s world, English is clearly an essential part of successful global communications.

At ALC, we have dedicated ourselves to optimizing global communications by supporting professionals with their English language and intercultural communications.

Our trainers are all native speakers of English with extensive experience in training English to German professionals. Each one is trained internally in our synergistic ALC Approach.

The ALC Approach integrates the best aspects of today’s most effective instruction and learning methods. Instruction materials are carefully selected from leading publishers in the field according to the specific needs of participants. Current relevant texts are downloaded for training content for higher level trainings.

When designing our streamlined training programs,  we continually integrate our many years years of corporate training experience with the diverse communication needs of our clients.

Training scheduling and intensity are flexible.  Training can be scheduled to take place one or more times per week, as an intensive training with 20 to 40 units per week or as Company Workshops.

Individual ‘one-on-one’ trainings or small private groups can be arranged as desired.

Language training workshops in Potsdam which are officially recognized as “Educational Leave” (Bildungsurlaub) in Land Brandenburg and Berlin: “Key Business Skills”, “Effective International Business Communication”, “Office Communications”, “Global Professional English: Compact Brush-Up/Activation Course”, “English for Project Management”, “English for Leadership Skills” and “English for Intercultural Communications”.

Language training workshops in Belize which are officially recognized as “Educational Leave” (Bildungsurlaub) in Land Brandenburg and Berlin: “Key Business Skills” and “Effective International Business Communication”.

For more information on our training options and their prices, please contact our office to arrange for a complimentary consultation at tel: +49-331-7481368