Seminars recognized as Educational Leave (Bildungsurlaub) in Land Brandenburg and Land Berlin in 2024

Selected courses and seminars from our Global Professional English and our Specialized Communications are offered at our Potsdam-Babelsberg and Belize locations. Each training has 30 or 40 instruction units weekly and is delivered Monday to Friday from 8 am to 1 pm or from 9 am to 4:30 pm respectively.

We offer our Individually Customized Trainings for individual one-on-on trainings and our Standard Trainings for either one-on-one trainings (private) or groups of 2 participants (semi-private).

During our trainings in Belize, participants are encouraged to maximize their overall learning experience by using their free time in the afternoons to go on guided tours given in English in areas of personal interest. We provide a list of recommended guided tours which have been vetted by our team on previous visits. Tours are available in various areas: agroecology, environmental conservation, Maya archaeology, traditional medicine, community development as well as local flora and fauna among others.

Individually Customized Trainings

Individuals opting for a private one-on-one Educational Leave can also benefit from having a fully customized training tailored to their specific needs and level. Either a one-week or a two-week educational leave can be arranged and requires a 10-week processing time at the state authorities.

A typical 1-week (40-unit) training includes: 10 units of English Activation, 20 units of Communication Skills, i.e. presentations, meetings, reporting, negotiations, customer relations, etc. and 10 units of training in language usage in the participant’s specialized area of work. For example:

Global Professional English: Compact Activation & Communications Skills / Specialized English – 40 instruction units
By appointment only

Standard Trainings

These trainings have been approved by the State of Brandenburg and Berlin:

Global Professional English:

Global Professional English: Compact Brush-Up & Verb Tense Review, 1-week training (B1 and B2)

Specialized Communications:

Key Business Skills: Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations and Networking, 1-week training (B1-C1)

Effective International Business Communication, 1-week training (B2-C1)

English for Office Communications: Emails, Telephoning & Customer Care, 1-week training (B1-B2)

English for Project Management, 1-week training (B2-C1)

English for Leadership, 1-week training (B2-C1)

English for Intercultural Communications, 1-week training (B1-B2)

These seminars as well as other ALC trainings can be arranged as individual trainings and scheduled as needed.

For schedule, conditions, costs, registration and billing information, please contact our office.