Specialized Communications

Our Specialized Communications are designed to provide the communication skills, vocabulary and terms related to one’s professional applications:

Communication Skills for Management

Meetings, presentations, negotiations, business travel & socializing, etc.

Communication Skills for Office Personnel

Telephoning, emails, client/visitor/customer relations, small talk, etc.

Communication Skills for Project Management/Technical Specialists

Project management, report writing, negotiations, emails, discussions, etc.

Department-specific English

English for HR, accounting/finance/controlling, legal, operations, sales/marketing, production, logistics, etc.

Industry-specific English

English for IT, pharma, hospitality, film, construction/engineering, manufacturing, banking/finance, medical care, etc.

Technical English

English for technical applications, discussions, report writing/documentation, etc.

Scientific English

English for scientific research, collaboration, writing, discussion, etc.

Academic English

English for academic applications, i.e. lectures, doctoral dissertations, master’s and bachelor’s theses, etc.

Customized English

Client-specific content